Danann de Tuatha, Huge boobs Goddess of the people by Chris

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Chris presents you Danann de Tuatha, “Goddess of the people”, an YL Doll 150cm (like my OLGA) with the Shael face. I want to thank him to share his pics and info with us.

Received my doll finally and named her danann de tuatha which is Gaelic meaning goddess of the people, and i must say while she is extraordinary beautiful she also a extraordinary pain in the ass all the cleaning and baby powdering and fixing her makeup monthly. i do have to ask some say use baby oil on the tpe body while others say don’t what do you reccommend?

If you want to help Chris, please comment just below!


Massive Boobs 150 cm (4’9 ft) Cheyenne Head on SexyRealSexDolls.com


The exact configuration he has chosen

  • Massive Boobs 150cm (4ft11′) Cheyenne Head
  • Head: Shael #34 YL
  • Sensual Mouth with Uvula (Click on ? to see heads compatible) +$70: NO
  • Hair: 13
  • Vagina: Removable Vagina 2cm/0.8inch
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin Color: Tan
  • Finger Nails: Natural
  • Toenails: 6
  • Nipple Color: Tan
  • Vagina Color: Pink
  • Pubic Hair (+$90 Implanted Hair): None
  • Removable Tongue: NO
  • Hanging Hook +$75: YES
  • Shoulder Joint Option: Normal Shoulders
  • Buy Extra Head for Only +$300: NO
  • Standing Feet +$75: YES, Standing Feet Option
  • Nipple mods 5 inch aureolas

He also purchased some true elven costumes for her crown and gowns and bikinis etc… and he sent me the pics below….

Visit the his Deviant Art Gallery:



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  1. actually the deviant art gallery belongs to my wife she also has the same photos posted plus a lot more that’s not posted here
    it gets kinda confusing we’re both named chris and answer to chris, i’m christopher and she christy

  2. sophiahugeboobs

    you could look at yldoll.com under doll care you find the information you warnt.
    In a few days I will get my own huge boob doll.

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