Cute RIN-chan in 2016 from Pignose


Pignose is a new 2016 doll’s fan and he bought a DollHouse168 Rin. Thanks to you Pignose for all pics and comments in this post!!!!

This “Rin-Chan” is his cute companion for now, even if i think i will probably buy a new one in 2017(!?!)…

Thank you for releasing a cute doll this year.
I made a make-up to the doll, replaced the wigs and clothes, photographed a lot of pictures and enjoyed it very much.
I will upload pictures for commemoration.

I expect you to release a nice product next year as well.


This body is 158+.
161+ was not sold yet when I bought it.
161+ has weight, but waist circumference and buttocks are real and sexy, so now if I buy it probably will be difficult to select.
Both are desirable because they are both wonderful shapes, but I do not have a place to put it, next time I want a more soft tits doll. :oops:


The color I ordered is “honey yellow”. However, due to individual differences in lot, this doll has become close to tan color.
I ordered “KAEDE” and “AOI” in the same color, but the color and the transparency of the material are different from this.


“KAEDE” is red, suntan is thin, slightly close to natural color. “AOI” is the same yellow color, but there is not much suntan feeling.
Since the actual woman is often white with complex makeup, the face is white, I personally do not care much.




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