CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt Fat Doll


This the time of BIG FAT DOLLS…

After the all new fat curvy doll from WM Dolls (i love her), CLM released a new model with big fat butt and huge boobs.

She’s a little heavy but it’s normal with her curvy body.

Her price is incredible too: you can buy her just $1999 (very cheap for a 5’2″ TPE Doll)

Her specs are:

  • 160 cm (5’2 ft) 
  • Breast: 41.7″ (106cm) !!!!
  • Waist: 24.8” (63cm)
  • Hips:40.15” (102 cm) 
  • Weight: 99.61lbs (45.2kg)


CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt Fat Doll



0 thoughts on “CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt Fat Doll”

    1. Hi Andy
      i’m very interested by your video and your review.
      I will contact you by mail.
      Have great Xmas and days after!

    2. Hi Andy I also have a 160cm CLM and love this doll. Your 2 dolls are soo sexy u are very lucky to have them. I was just courious if u had any problems with there skeletons? On mine the left leg at the hip is very loose and can’t hold a pose. I have had my CLM for one month. Thanks, Mark

      1. Hi Mark,

        I am glad you also got the CLM 160 doll! Shes very good. I think one of the greatest part of the CLM is her design is well thought of (except for the loose hip). For example take a look at her openings, the anal opening is reinforced and much stronger than other companies such as Yourdoll or WM dolls, so it does not rip.

        But yes, I also have problems with her hip getting loose, and its hard to move her legs. I hope they fix this issue in the future. I am purchasing the Yourdoll 160 so be prepared for a threesome video!

  1. Hi Andy, I just recieved my YL 160 with the kasandra face and I am going to sell her. I have had her a few days. My favorite is still my CLM ,but all skeleton is loose.

    1. That’s awesome! I also received my YL 160, I will be posting pictures soon. Why are you selling the YL 160?

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