Buy silicone Robot Love Doll,Enjoy free trip to China!!!

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Z-OneDoll offers a new and innovative way to promote their new sex robot: a trip to check the doll in place!

Exciting news for you: buy our silicone love robot now,enjoy free trip to China!



1. Buy our robot doll at full price;

2. Buy tickets and visit us and do a full inspection before delivery;

3. Enjoy 2 days free tour in Guangzhou,China;We’ll cover all the fees,including hotel,meals,etc.

4. Come back home and do a full review about our dolls and your travel.

5. We give you back USD1400 to cover your ticket fees.

If you don’t want to come to China,then you’ll get USD800 as reward after you make a full review in the


Only for the first 3 persons who contact us!!

Two types of silicone robots are ready for order:

1) 145cm,150cm,160cm or 162cm body with A21 head,blinking+mouth moving+sound+Android operation system;

(no heating)

Price: USD4450/pcs,with free shipping;

2) 145cm,150cm,160cm or 162cm body with A21 head,blinking+mouth moving+sound+heating+Android operation


Price: USD4900/pcs,with free shipping;

Production time: about 20-30 days.

(Please note that there is No return or exchange policy for this robot doll!)


All info on TDF Forum

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