@busenhans shows you his Monster Boobs Doll

@busenhans recently contacted me to tell me that he was thanking me for posting pictures of my YL Doll 150cm O Cup (Olga) and Tootsie’s.

He already had the WM Dolls 170cm M Cup and is therefore a Huge breast lover. He particularly loves to put his head between his two huge boobs.

He was quickly convinced that he had to buy a YL DOll 150cm O Cup. I’ll let him tell you the rest.

When I saw the Pics from Tootsie of the YL 150cm O Cup on YOUR site i was hooked. ( Tootsie’s YL DOLL 150cm Huge Boobs ). Dolls France came with the #124 Head Pics and my decision was clear. (not quite, i waved between #124 and #142 olga)

RS-Dolls Germany offered Brenda for 1498€ -and i ordered her in the Cheyenne Version with normal skin tone instead of light Tan.

A Month later the Box arrived. The first thing i noticed when i touched her Breast-Wow, twice as soft as my WM 170cm M Cup. The lovely Face with blue Eyes look fantastic. The Bodyjoints make almost no sound.

I put her naked with Head and Wig on the Scale and it came to 37kg.  So it´s the best thing i spent my Money on!

I sleep much better now. I like the TPE looks more real than Silicone.-

Thank You YL!!!


I believe the O cup Breast are the only ones that make Waves in themselves due to the Huuuuge size.

The Hands are good wired and the great Toe is also wired-i like that.

I added some white colour with Edding 751 paintmarker to the Teeth.

The Wig is good despite the long Hair.

So She is a Dreamdoll come true and makes me smile everyday!

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  1. Hi Realdolladdict, nice how You put the story and pics together. Hope it will help other´s in their decision. Thank You!

  2. Great photos! I enjoyed all of them, especially having another doll next to her to see clearly how large breasted this awesome doll is. What’s the breast size of the doll next to her? What size clothes(shoes) are you buying for her? I got mine but small pants are a little to big and your tops and other clothing look amazing. She looks/is AMAZING.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Hi Mike, the Pants are size 34(EU) for the YL 150cm O-Cup and 36 for the WM 170cm M-Cup. The Shirt size is 38 for O and M-Cup. Shoe size is 31-34. All from local Stores or Ebay.

  3. Very nice doll but for me she should grow at least to 160 cm with the same big breast but more detailed body parts in heigh quality ( nipples, areola, etc ). A cute slim body with a jiggly ultra soft tpe would be for me a purchase decision.

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