Brand New Huge Boobs Mini Doll

This is the first time that WM Dolls has produced a small doll to my knowledge. In production, there is already Climax Doll and NEW Melissa

As usual, WM Dolls offers a super doll with beautiful shapes, a very light weight and a lower price ($1,499). A real pocket doll.

She has a big L Cup Breast, a slim waist and a pretty big butt. There’s a lot to enjoy with her.

This #264 face is NEW closed eyes head.

WM Dolls 108cm / 3ft5 L Cup Mini Sex Doll

  • Full Bust: 78cm – 30.7 in
  • Waist: 46cm – 18.1 in
  • Hips: 81cm – 31.9 in
  • Weight: 21kg – 46.3 lbs.


108cm (3ft5′) L-Cup Sex Doll with Huge Boobs Midget – Lisha

0 thoughts on “Brand New Huge Boobs Mini Doll”

      1. Nah, if it was more i wouldn’t buy it. Plus, nothing stopping the competitors from making their own to compete and thus, lowering the price.

  1. Not into mini dolls, but this one is really impressive. I love the proportions of WM Dolls, and this doll is no exception.

  2. Nice doll, but not into midgets, someone should make sure they get the memo on making a thick as hell AND real sized doll, at least 1m60cm, I keep screaming but god won’t answer… 5k still to steep in a recesion

  3. not into midgets but i like this new midget model, wish they made the calves and ankles a little less thick tho

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