Brand New Huge Boobs Mamasita

Mamasita is a BBW SexDoll with a huge ass and a nice pair of huge Boobs (probably O Cup with 105cm – 41.3inches).

I show it to you in preview, since this doll will only be available after February 18… but NOW you can already pre-order it at a great price of US$1699, instead of US$2199.

This SILI Doll is the first of its kind to have measurements of this type. And I love it!!! She’s a little heavy, but given her size and plump body, one could not have expected better.

Here is a first series of photos to enjoy the curves of the beauty since she shows herself to you completely naked.
Look forward to the next one and maybe on video!


BBW Sex Doll Mamasita™ – 157 cm Fat Milf Sex Doll with SkinTech™

Mamasita SiliDoll 157cm 5ft2 O Cup

  • Height: 157cm – 5ft2
  • Bust: 41.3 in – 105cm
  • Under breasts: 26 in – 66 cm
  • Hips: 20.5 in – 52 cm
  • Booty: 44.5 inches – 113 cm
  • Weight: 123lbs – 56 kg

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  1. Nice juicy doll and all but I need to see those hole placements first before I commit! Happens everytime doll looks promising but her holes are messed up!

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