Big Topless Before The Aperitif

I was recently invited to a small aperitif in a friend’s garden. I already know how this kind of invitation can end (in a garden). It was the first time I had been there, and I must say that I was very well received.

My friend is a 6yE Premium Sex Doll 167cm 5ft6 K Cup with the #31 head. She’s blonde with blue eyes She has big breasts, a slim waist and beautiful long legs.

I had taken my camera in case she agreed to take a few pictures… well she was packed and very cooperative… I would even say more than before the first drink… we had already started the day well.

6YE 167cm 5ft6 K Cup Specifications

  • Height: 167cm – 5ft6
  • Bust: 100cm – 39.4in
  • Under-bust: 61cm – 24in
  • K Cup
  • Waist: 58cm – 22.8in
  • Hips: 90cm – 35.4in
  • Weight: 45kg – 99 lbs

Uncensored Sex Doll 6Ye Premium 167cm 5ft6 K-cup Head 31 Hitomi

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