Big review of new 161cm WM Dolls from Mishka


Mishka is a senior member of TDF and big fan of pretty dolls. And he did not a mistake when he decided to order the all new 161cm from WM DOLLS.

Madison has been ordered in Tan and green eyes, WM51 head Brand new, and her breasts are bigger than the WM155 by several inches

She has the large breasts with a normal waist, and this babe is a bikini goddess.
She is heavy, but for the extra booty, I’ll have to deal with it somehow.
Jigglelitious babe!

You could find below a big part of this review… A BIG thank you to Mishka for this review  with pics and his agreement!

And when it was the delivery day…

Wow, not a scratch..


Inside, a rather buxom lass, that needed immediate fondling and checking for integrity :lol:



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26922072844_aae512dfd2_cThe weight of the 161cm WM DOLLS

Is she heavy?

Yup, getting her out of her box was tough. I had to bend down carefully are lift her out. 80lb is a lot, but I found this to be do-able, from a lying position. Placed her on stand. She needs plastic removed.

So, about the weight. Well I am strong, and found I can carry her ok if I use both arms. One around her bottom and the other around her back. Still she is heavier than my YL148. Good or bad, but I think her height is just right for me. So heavier is just a necessary evil if you want these features.


The WOW Effect

Removed the plastic off her hands and feet.. That butt is hot and so damn slappable I had to slap myself to get back to reality..

Look at those calves – that’s just about perfect – lots of nice muscle there..

The chest is epic in size, and none of my bras fit her right. I may try my wives, as her breasts are close in size..


The body and breasts of the 161cm WM DOLLS

27531444875_4fb1be71bd_cHer body photos nicely. Those shapely legs are hot.

Her frontal is very nicely shaped. Those breasts are just enormous, and just beautiful indeed.

So now that I’ve has her for 1/2 day, I will say I love her huge breasts, shapely butt and legs. Yes, the calves are just perfect. Vagina also looks very nice and positioned right. Her breasts are extremely jiggly and remain jiggle for 5 seconds after moving. Her butt is very soft, and just like any TPE, her butt flattens on hard surfaces when sitting. That’s hot!

Breasts are large, or should I say huge. Both my hands can barely cover them. They are jiggly and very soft. I found that her cleavage is very nice and makes for great pics.

Size of the 161cm WM DOLLS


I did some quick and candid shots, and she is strikingly tall. In fact my wife arrived from work, and first thing she asked was where Daisy was. I said she is in the kitchen, and when she walked by her, I could see Daisy was taller than my wife by about 2 inches. Amazing!

Clothing for her is just around small to medium womens size 4/6. Shoes 5.5 US are ok.

Skeleton of the 161cm WM DOLLS


Her skeleton is tight, and just putting her in a sitting pose is a challenge due to her larger torso size. She came with a nice outfit I found really useful. She sits at my bedside for now, just giving me a seductive smile.

Skin of the 161cm WM DOLLS

She eagerly posed for me by the Caddi ATS. What I noticed was she’s not as tan as the regular WM tan, but close. I will do more thorough examination this weekend.


Her skin is lighter than the standard tan as I found out. This may make it hard outdoors when filming, but I will figure this out. Her head that she comes with is beautiful. Just needs makup.. Natural pink heads are too light for her, but my tan heads looks fine, but are slightly darker.

Finger bones are wire, and palms are plates as are feet. She stands perfectly! Neck is hinged, but Im not convinced hinges in neck are best, as Justin found out, but I had her on the stand for a few hours and no weird noises or stretching.



Buy yours just for $2,219 (save $200) with free outfit at


All photos of Madison from Mishka



So I hope this review helps when selecting her. She has lots of potential and a few negatives like her weight, that are immediately lost when you consider her bigger butt, breasts and legs are what many wanted. These features don’t come without cost.
She is a great value, and compliments my family of dolls.


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Buy yours just for $2,219 (save $200) with free outfit at

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