BIG Pics Gallery about Caprice

IMG_1832First of all I would like to thank for @Silicon agreement on the distribution of this entry and its photos.

@Silicon is a active poster of TDF  and he’s totaly crazy about his doll Caprice, a beautiful 155cm TPE with the new WM Dolls RR Body.

“My lovely Caprice has arrived thank you Graeme of LOVE DOLL. There was the box i was afraid to open it because she was inside i had waited four weeks for this moment katie and riley sat on the bed and watched my every move 20 mins.passed i opened the box and wow what a doll. This is the email i sent to Greame of Love doll. Dear Graeme,del.arrived about 9am satuday very nice driver,first impression she looks to white to be natural but on the plus side she is lovely in photos and red lighting makes her look a more natural skin tone,, it did cross my mind that maybe i had made a bad move but she is so sexy and the build is so perfect,the joins and seams are so well done the thought of changing her for a tan skin doll and waiting another month only to find the new doll might have issues i.e. seems on the legs as you can see on katie 2 photos, i will keep her. The light skin tones are growing on me, we have got family staying i have had little time to play, i am more than pleased with your products and service.Please feel welcome to use my photos if you wont i have a high end camera that i will use for later shots here are some quick shots i took i can only say she is the fantastic. P.S. what is the little tub of ointment for and thanks for the glue (the necter of life).Thanks for the offer on Viola but as you can see i have got my hands full right now.. P.S. love be with,from silicon…………”

You could see in this post a giant gallery with all Caprice’s photos in different outfits.


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    1. Yes you’re right! @Silicon is a great guy and he love his doll Caprice. She’s so beautiful and sexy.

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