Big comparison review between big boobs Suki and 100 cm WM Doll Riley

suki sex doll and wmdoll 100 cm sex doll aToday on TDF, i read the excellent thread opened by 

He bought a 100cm WM Doll Riley, and more recently Suki from Sili Doll with big breast.

This was the occasion to offer a great comparison between this two stars, even if the owner seems to have a preference…

Wow. There is a lot to say about Suki, and that’s a good thing. Almost everything is top notch, with a few noted exceptions I’ll touch on later. TLDR: as an owner of four dolls, TPE and silicone between $700 – $3200, she is by far the best. And damn near the cheapest.

suki sex doll and wmdoll 100 cm sex doll c

The Skeleton

First of all, just because I see no one talking about it enough: the skeleton. She bends so much more realistically than any other doll I’ve owned. She’s the only doll I’ve ever had that kind of falls into place when I want to cuddle beside or hold her. That to me is what I’ve been looking for in a doll and I’ve finally found it after 4 attempts. The only joint of hers that is a bit too stiff is her shoulder sockets when putting her arms up to put on clothing etc, but everything else is very responsive.

Suki is the best one

Suki is 10 cm taller as compared to the other doll, and Suki is made of Korean TPE, which is softer & juicier.

About a week ago I received another doll right before Suki, a popular 100cm tpe model {…} So obviously I have to compare the two because they are so similar. In almost, if not every category I would rate Suki higher. She is softer. There is a bit more “flesh” on the suki so she just feels better. When you grab her you don’t reach the skeleton nearly as easily so it’s much easier to immerse yourself. This is not to say the other doll is at all poor, suki is just the best thing I’ve personally ever had. The above is true everywhere, but especially on the face. Suki is very kissable if you have any desire to do so.

suki sex doll and wmdoll 100 cm sex doll b

The Breast comparison

Their bust size is nearly the same, I think the other doll is every so slightly larger, and has a more realistic shape. Feeling wise, Suki is more grope-able though. The difference is that Suki’s breasts are fully filled, where the other doll is slightly hollow at the top. It comes down to preference here.

A Sili Doll’s buyer satisfied and ready to start

I really do love the suki Doll, I’m going to be buying more dolls in the future and I know at least one of them will be coming from Sili (

Some improvement expected

But for all my praise, there were some hiccups production wise, and in fulfilling my order, which I’m just going to lay out. They are fixable and I hope Sili improves and does better in the future moving on. Here were my issues:

Basically all the accessories in my order were messed up. I didn’t receive an extra wig, nor an extra set of eyes. The two clothing items I was told I was going to receive, did not come, and two different ones did. Not sure who dropped the ball here, but it is a problem I’ve read about other people having on this forum. Those types of issues just aren’t really acceptable, and I hope it’s corrected when it reaches Sili’s ears.

The other issue was a manufacturing one, and are the final two photos in my album. Both of her arms were not glued? together perfectly straight. you can see the fingers look pretty bad honestly, not because of the mold itself but because it appears someone was in a hurry. the two halves are just not aligned on top of each other.

Less noticeable is the same effect on the arm itself, and a bit on one side of the head as well. I’ve owned several dolls and I’m used to seam lines, but these are beyond excessive and border poor craftsmanship. When there is a ridge that extrudes from the doll – that should be called to someones attention before being shipped IMO.

Despite that, I still love this doll. It’s still exactly what I wanted, I just wish it had been crafted with more care. All the pieces were there to have something perfect and it falls just short of the mark.


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