Big boobs Asian style

It’s not light, it’s not new, it’s not from Christmas and yet I’m offering it to you today… Normal, it’s one of my favourite sexdolls: The WM Dolls 5ft6 168cm E Cup
It’s simple, I love it.

WM Dolls 168cm 5ft6 E Cup

She has a body with perfect measurements: 91cm – 36 inches / 60cm – 24 inches / 90cm – 35.5 inches. This is probably one of the most beautiful sexdolls of the production.

So natural

  • She doesn’t have huge breasts, but they’re in fantastic shape. They’re so round and well shaped, so natural.
  • She doesn’t have a huge butt, but it’s just well rounded, with a nice ass.
  • She’s a human size with her 168cm 5ft6. She could (should) be my wife.
  • She has natural skin… in the pictures. If you want her with a different skin color, they will be available.
  • She is elegant. She has presence. We want to take care of her and give her the best of ourselves.

For those of you who want a natural sexdoll, which comes as close as possible to a very pretty woman, this is surely one of the most beautiful choices.

At first glance, each time you turn towards her, you will have this incredible feeling of sharing a real moment.

The face #53

Her face is Asian. He’s incredibly smooth. It’s not the first time I’ve shown it on the blog and it’s one of the best known, I think.

The #53 head

The delicacy of the features, the shape of the mouth and chin and this brown hair with brown eyes are really in the right place to give this face all the expected sensitivity.

But don’t be mistaken, she’s not a goody-goody… She wants to have fun. She’s beautiful, she’s young, she has a body that desires pleasure.

WM Dolls 5ft6 168cm specifications

  • Height: 168cm – 5ft6
  • Bust: 91cm – 36in
  • Under Bust: 68cm – 26.8in
  • E Cup
  • Waist: 60cm – 24in
  • Hip: 90cm – 35.5in
  • Weight: 40kg – 88lbs

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