Big boobs and welcoming mouth, the perfect combination


WM Dolls produced the new 4’9 (152cm with) big boobs and big butt (Sexy night for beachy girl with big butt or WM Dolls Curvy is back) . This body received some excellent measurement:

  • BUST     85.5 cm    33.6 in
  • WAIST   53 cm     20.8 in
  • HIP         92.5 cm     36.4 in

This new #142 head from WM Dolls is really naughty and with the curvy body, it’s crazy!

For me, it is one of the most beautiful combinations currently.

logo_e305ee37-417e-457f-aa2d-9db36979dfa9_1024x1024.jpgBUY # 1 Curvy 152 cm (4’9 ft) New Head!


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