Ariel, Pink Lady

Here are some new pictures of Ariel, the Piper Doll 140cm 4ft5 too sexy. She has a crazy little ass and I love her Asian cosplay style.

I have some concerns about the cup measurement, since my partner indicates C Cup and I find I Cup (US) on measurement sites. It must be said that she has such a slim waist and a very small measurement under bust of 51cm or 20 inches…

So if you know, give me your comment. For me, C Cup seems too small and I Cup too big, I would rather be on E/F Cup.

Piper Doll 140cm 4ft5

  • Net Weight : 28 kg- 61.7lbs
  • Bust : 75 cm – 29.5in
  • Under Bust : 51cm – 20in
  • I Cup (US) – G Cup ???….
  • Waist : 45 cm – 17.7in
  • Hip : 85 cm – 33.5in

PORTIA – 140CM | 4′ 5″ – C CUP

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