Ariel And Erian By Kevin (UPDATED)

I want you to meet Ariel and Erian, Kevin’s two sweethearts. Kevin, you know him now, since he kindly shared a photographic moment with Ariel, his new 140cm Piper Doll.

He took a huge series of beautiful pictures with Ariel and her first doll, Erian. Erian is a 150cm Piper Doll Big Breast body. She’s beautiful.

I let you discover his two beautiful with one great video and more than 140 photos!







0 thoughts on “Ariel And Erian By Kevin (UPDATED)”

  1. Very nice dolls, but can reload or resend the video of Ariel and Erian? And where do the prices range from? Thank you

    1. HI Hector,
      These videos were made by Kevin. I’ll ask him if he’s okay sending them to me to replace them here. For Piper Sexdoll, it’s around $2,000 for each one

  2. I just bought a Piper Doll 140cm Ariel, I was wondering if you know clothes sizes for the doll and show sizes for usa sizes?

    Thank you

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