Apple Bottom Booty And Melon Breasts For Kano

Kano offers us a great review of his YL Doll 5ft5 165cm D Cup

Of my current collection, not including three silicone dolls I disposed of over the years, I have 3 silicone and 9 TPE dolls. 

This YL 165 is among the more exciting. It has an apple bottom booty and melon breasts.  

Here are the options I selected:

  • Eyes Color – Silvercat
  • Shruggle Shoulder – No
  • Vagina Options – Built-in
  • Pubic Hair – No
  • Uvala – No
  • Hook – Yes
  • Foot style – Stand up foot

The joints have the perfect level of stiffness

Out of the box the joints have the perfect level of stiffness, meaning easy to pose and holds the poses well where most TPE dolls are quite stiff on arrival. 

This is not a doll that should be stored standing however. I wouldn’t trust the joints that far. She easily achieved poses like a veteran doll, unlike other new dolls that are very stiff and you have to be a trained grappler to pose. 

I am concerned about it being too loose over time but I will worry about that in a year or so.  

Loose entries

The entries are loose as well…as if designed for medium to large sized men.  Works for me but probably not ideal for smaller men or someone wanting a tight “virgin” feel.  

Hollow breast

Default breasts were hollow.  This is my first TPE doll with hollow breasts. Lesson learned and I won’t do that again.  They just feel….hollow.  but are still fun to play with.

As a weight reduction move it seems almost a non factor.

Cat eyes

As for the head I opted for the cat eyes. Otherwise the doll looks just like the promo pics.  The “teeth” are just TPE extended from the upper lip.  

The vendor

I ordered through great selection and prices. On this site she is called “Tisha”. It’s the 2nd of 3 I ordered from them and I am very likely to work with them again.  I got a free surprise gift from them with each doll…double ended mouth/pussycat masturbator.  So, now I have two.  I guess for emergencies when I can get to the doll house? 

The doll has wired big toes on each foot.  That’s unique among the 9 brands of dolls I have in my stable. 

Reusable Box

And the last nice touch was actually the box that had a glued in soft liner. This is probably the only cardboard shipping box I will hold onto for possible reuse for storage purposes. Then again, probably not, but it’s still a great touch.

BUY your YL Doll 165cm (5ft5′) Lesina Sex Doll on

YL Doll 165cm – 5ft5 D Cup

  • Height: 165cm  5ft 5
  • Full Bust: 85cm  33.5 in
  • Under Bust: 65cm  25.6 in
  • D cup
  • Waist: 56cm  22 in
  • Hips: 104cm – 41 in
  • Weight: 40.5kg  89.3 lbs

0 thoughts on “Apple Bottom Booty And Melon Breasts For Kano”

  1. Great and beautiful DOLLs!
    Speaking of which, I’m always thinking that what’s the difference between shrugging shoulder and normal shoulder.
    I mean, what pose shrugging shoulder doll could do and what normal doll could not.
    I have shrugging one but as far as know its nothing but easy breaking (it got loose and won’t keep in pose…)
    If you could compare those two in pictures I really appreciate it!

  2. Hi what’s the difference between shrugging shoulder and normal?
    I have shrugging shoulder one myself but have see no big change

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