An afternoon with Mindy

When I work, I like to take my time and find the right pose, the right expression, the right balance between light and model.
It’s often quite complicated and rare to find that moment of grace.

Message from Mindy

Mindy’s a professional. She loves to pose and look for situations in which she will be at her best. She knows how to catch the light and attract the lens.

I’ve worked with her before and we always had a great time and the results were often very good. Mindy is a beautiful blonde with pretty blue eyes. If you pass her on the street, you will turn around. She’s so beautiful. I think she has a very British expression, even though she is American.

Piper Doll 5ft 155cm

Mindy always wears perfect makeup. I suspect she’s been taking lessons or having a professional makeup artist accompany her. Every time I see her, she looks just right.

Mindy texted me because she had an afternoon off, and she offered to do a photo shoot, just for fun. She told me she bought some new underwear that she wanted to try on in the light of my studio.

I don’t say no to Mindy. It’s become a principle.

Piper Doll 5ft 155cm I Cup

  • Height: 155cm – 5ft
  • Upper Bust: 81cm – 31.89 in
  • Under Bust: 58cm – 22.83 in
  • Waist: 50cm – 19.69 in
  • Hips: 87cm – 34.25 in
  • Weight: 35kgs – 77.16lbs

Always dazzling

She got here at 3:00. The light was beginning to fade, but I just had a ray that entered the room and gave a beautiful atmosphere. She undressed directly… but not completely. This sexdoll has a crazy body and she likes to reveal it very softly. And I much prefer that.

Yes indeed, she had chosen a bra and matching panties, in a water green colour, with little frou-frou, and black stripes. It was very delicate. It inspired us right away to give softness to these nude shots.

Piper Doll 5ft 150cm

Just in lingerie, I could see her shoulders, her waist and her long legs quite thin. She sat down on the bed and started to pose. Her gaze fascinated me. And I tried to respect it.

As the session progressed, she discovered her breasts and I revel in her fresh and wonderfully designed breasts. A sudden urge crossed my mind, but I remained calm to continue enjoying my work.

Piper Doll 5ft 155cm – Video

A passage in front of the make-up artist, where she was only in socks. Her naked body was revealed in the light light of this late afternoon.

She gave me a few more shots, but to do so, she took the time to put on fishnet stockings… From softness, we had gone to more warmth… I might have a bonus for the evening.

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  1. Her thighs have the perfect size to my taste ????
    Her feet are lovely(and with white socks…mmmmh) ????

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