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Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but you won’t always find it satisfying. After all, people can get bored doing the same thing all the time. Have you ever fantasized about doing something with your partner? If you add fantasies to your sex life, sex with your partner never has to be boring. Break the rules and experience a new world of shared fantasy with your favorite people.

Role-playing can be a great way to explore your fantasies. There are many benefits to incorporating some role-playing into your sex life. First, taking on another role can help you get rid of your sexual inhibitions and be more confident in bed. Role-playing can also be an intimate experience between you and your partner, allowing you to deepen your understanding of each other’s fantasies. While our imaginations can offer endless possibilities for role-playing scenarios, we’ll guide you through some of our experiences. ‍

To complete a fully engaged role play, you first need to share your sexual fantasies with your partner. Sex role-playing is a fantasy game involving two (or more) consenting adults who agree to enter and ‘enact’ a scenario that induces them both to participate.” All who agree should discuss the details of the fantasy, what role they want to play, their boundaries, and at least have a basic understanding of how they achieve it. You might also want to consider a safety word for an emergency stop that can be used at any time during play. Dr. JillMcDevitt, CalExotics’ sexologist in residence, recommends this scenario to readers. You and your partner pretend not to know each other. You can go to a bar, a show, a bus stop, a coffee shop, almost any place where unexpected romantic encounters can occur.

From there, flirt and introduce yourself until, in the end, you’re “so overwhelmed by desire and desire that even if you ‘don’t know each other’ you just need to have sex.” You can spend as long or as little time as possible building up fantasy and sexual tension, and then rush home for this “anonymous” sex, or, if that makes you “act out,” try car sex, or find a hotel room for the night. If you don’t plan on leaving home, another option is to buy a masquerade mask cheaply online and pretend to be at a masquerade or party.

You hear those crazy stories about people who hook up with their hitchhikers. As long as one of you has a roomy car, you can make it a reality. In this case, one partner acts as a hitchhiker and the other as a passenger, picking up from a point and driving home. Choose a place to start that is far enough away from where you live that you have enough time to build sexual tension. The driver pulls up, rolls up the window, and the flirting begins from there. You can flirt just by talking, you can not only flirt by talking, but you can also flirt by having the passenger peek under the “driver” clothes, or make the passenger so hot that the passenger starts touching himself, and also allow the passenger to touch the driver (while parking, of course!). You can either stop the car (somewhere private) to play or ask passengers to invite the driver to their place to continue the action.

Office boss and employee/secretary sex play is a popular choice because of its dynamic “off-limits” nature, which can make it extra hot. This requires the least amount of props. Both of you are likely to wear overalls, perhaps ties or suspenders. Role-playing can start with a partner working on a computer at their desk and the boss coming to check their progress. Maybe the boss calls to tell the “employee” that he needs to meet in the office, or you run into him over coffee in the break room. There’s a lot of room for creativity here. To further your imagination, avoid the bedroom and play on a desk or chair.

When it comes to role-playing skills, don’t forget to experiment with sex toys, especially in roles that really need them. Vibrators and other amazing sex toys can easily help you build character and unleash the erotic part of your partner that you’ve always wanted to see. No matter which situation you and your partner agree to attend, just remember to communicate your expectations and boundaries beforehand. Now, go out there and play, and even turn it into a full dating game.

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