80 Pics of Tan Skin Tone Hugest Ass Torso

You know it well since I have already presented it to you in different configurations: New Torso with Hugest BUTT and YL Doll New Biggest Ass Torso

Today it’s a the same series as Biggest Butt Torso Naked (82 pics) with tanned skin tone body, face #176, beautiful curly hair and beautiful black eyes.

This model has the biggest breasts and the biggest ass for a torso, and you will be able to take the time to contemplate it with more than 80 pictures of the beautiful in all positions.


 YL Doll New Biggest Butt Torso measurements

  • Height: 92cm – 36.2in
  • Shoulder: 34cm – 13.4in
  • Upper bust: 114cm – 44.9in
  • Under bust: 68cm – 26.8in
  • Waist: 61cm – 24in
  • Hip: 146cm – 57.5in
  • Thigh: 82cm – 32.3in
  • Weight with head: 51kg – 112.4lbs
  • Weight without head: 49kg – 108lbs


92cm (3ft) Best Real Sex Doll Torso with Largest Hips Ever – Bella (B13) – 1,649 USD


0 thoughts on “80 Pics of Tan Skin Tone Hugest Ass Torso”

  1. She would have been so beautiful if she had not been amputated, poor doll, remit him it’s legs and it’s arms !!! PLEASE !!!

    1. If they gave this one limbs I’d put in an order. Either that or a brand new Yinsan doll with 50-inch hips.

  2. I agree: with her arms and legs she’d been HOT ????
    I love the métisse(a white parent and a black parent)style ????

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