7 Ways Orgasms Can Make You Look (And Feel) More Beautiful

Whether achieved through sex with a partner or during masturbation, the benefits of orgasms are pretty intense.

Sure, they’re amazing and, in turn, make us feel amazing, but there’s more to them than that. Much more. Nothing in this world can make you look and feel quite like an orgasm does. This is actually a scientific fact.

Your skin will look great.
When we orgasm oxytocin is released into our body. Oxytocin decreases the amount of cortisol in our system — cortisol being that evil hormone that’s released when we’re stressed. With decreased cortisol and oxytocin pumping through your veins, your skin will definitely benefit, so much so that regular orgasms can even make you look younger by at least seven years, according to a 10-year-long study by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

You’ll feel extra sexy.
Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” or “cuddle hormone,” makes us feel sexy and desirable. When we feel this way, not only are we able to enjoy sex more, because of all that confidence, but we even want sex more. Not to mention, women’s breasts increase by up to 25% in size during orgasm, so that can also add to that feeling of sexiness.

Your hair will look healthier.
It might seem like a longshot, but here are the facts: our hair follicles have blood vessels in them. When we orgasm, there is an increased blood flow to all parts of our body — including our hair. This blood flow is actually far better than any conditioner you might find — even the expensive stuff.

Your stress disappears.
Because oxytocin combats the stress hormone, cortisol, every time we orgasm we’re one step further away from all that stress we deal with on a regular basis. People are who less stressed aren’t just happier mentally and emotionally, but are also physically at peace and relaxed. Nothing makes someone look and feel beautiful quite like having stress subtracted from their bodies.

Your lips will appear fuller.
In the same way blood flow gives you that amazing post-orgasm skin and makes your hair look healthier, lips, too, benefit from that blood flow. While they may not reach the proportion of lip injections, you’re definitely likely to see a difference in your pout.

Your body will feel better.
Not only will you feel sexier and more beautiful, but your body, from head to toe, will also feel fantastic. Because orgasms contribute to heart health, strengthen the immune system, and are natural pain relievers, after an orgasm — and in the days that follow — your body will feel so great, you’ll swear that you can take on the world and maybe even fly away.

You’ll sleep better.
People who sleep at least seven to eight hours a night aren’t just healthier on the insides, but it shows on the outside too. Orgasms, especially before bed, are basically nature’s sleeping pill — and the type of sleeping pill that will give you a restful night’s sleep, with little to no waking up.

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