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The review of Dr Dollinger

First of all, I want to thank Dr Dollinger who made a excellent review about the 6EYE 165cm F Cup on TDF and his agreement to share all content with you, my lovely readers!

First i like to thank Sexysexdoll for the whole transaction process. It was by far the best purchase experience with a vendor i ever made.
Everything works perfect from ordering to delivery and service.
They have a really good relationship to the manufacturers (6YE), get fast in contact with them to solve problems directly or change something shortly.
They have a great passion for dolls and love what they are doing – create their own individuell heads…
Great service & communication, thanks so much Isaac – he is a very nice guy, competent and fast in reaction!
Biggest recommendation i can give!!
Online presentation is also pretty nice.

For the pictures you should know, that it was not my intention, to represent every detail of the doll.
You can see more details on Sexysexdoll.com and i will add more pictures in the near future.

Real Girl Sex Doll Gia - 6Ye Premium 165cm F-cup Head #X19-48

Real Girl Sex Dolls – 6Ye Premium 165cm F-cup – Head #X19 Gia – US$ 1,833.30 with the Coupon code “realdolladdict”


The Doll

DSC_00436YE Ross – 165cm G-cup Body Spec:

Height: 165cm (5’5″)
Bust: 93cm (36.6″)
Waist: 55cm (21.65″)
Hip: 91cm (35.8″)
Under-bust: 66cm (25.98″)
Weight: 35kg (77.16lbs)
Anal Depth: 15cm (5.9″)
Vagina Depth : 17cm (6.7″)
Oral Depth: 15cm (5.9″)
Bra Size: 30G
Leg Length81cm : (31.9″)
Shoulder Width: 37cm (14.57″)
Thigh Girth: 48cm (18.9″)

6YE got my first attention when i saw a picture on www.sexdolladdict.com from that 165 body with this head 16.
I call her Jazzmine or Jazzy ;-)
Reminds me of Jasmine James {Check the TDF POST…}

That face makes the deal for me for shure. Couldn’t get her out of my mind. So, the purchase was done after collecting some more infos about the manufacturer, body and their new skeleton.


The doll was packed very well. Better than most of the competitors. TNT damaged the box and repacked it again. Nevertheless, the doll was in perfect condition. Well done 6YE


She smells really nice and fruity. Not very strong and not that chemical fruity like JY.
I like it a lot. In my opinion, the best scent of most dolls around. Hope it won’t disappear to fast


This is definitely the most advanced design to date. Better than i ever expected.
The new ball-joint design is just perfect in easy moving, bend and rotation. No stiff joints, not to loose – just perfect for sexual purposes, easy changing of positions and of course for posing.
Waist bending and rotation is a masterpiece. Not comparable with all other brands. All movements are nearly noiseless.
Standing works well, but needs some time to get the right position due to the possibilities of the ball joints and the long legs. But it’s fast to learn.


DSC_0546This was the first big disappointment. No hinged wrists, only wired. No ball-joint here.
Hands are really floppy. You can’t put much weight on it (no plate)
Seems, like that is the reason why 6YE don’t say much about it ;-)

I like them really so much. They are well shaped, nice to the touch, very soft and tender.
If you like a handjob, this is for you! Cause they are floppy, it is even better for shifting . NO joke!
Wires of the fingers are easy to bend and do a nice job. Solid built.
Wrist rotation is also easy and nice. For the real feeling it’s all just so amazing.
The question is, how long they will last without breaking. Depends on design, the material of the wires and the use.
After several weeks, not a single negative thing occurred. I’m very impressed.

Honestly, even if 6YE change the design to hinged wrists, i really don’t know, if i would get happier..
My lovely WM160 has hinged wrists, after 4 weeks the left wrist get totally loosen, without forcing that. Wrist rotation isn’t so easy and quick.


Not to soft and not to firm. Durable & solid soft material.
But after oiling and powdering – woooooow again
AWESOME – feels so smooth and real, not easy to compare with other brands. Outstanding!
It’s one of these dolls, that you can’t stop touching.


I’m not a big friend of thin legs, but the shape & details of knees, legs and feets are really beautiful. Like the hands, fingers and of course vagina, labia & anus.


Wigs are cheap, with big loss of hairs. But they are nonetheless very useful and look pretty nice.


Conclusion : A BomB

This is by far the best doll for sexual purposes that you can get. Skin feels amazing real – in & out, movement of the skeleton is just a dream, weight is for that height good to handle.
The head/face is just the door for that purpose. But not only for that. I totally love this face, like you can see :-)
For easy posing it’s again the skeleton what counts most. Seems very durable.
6YE sets some impressing new standards in details and skeleton. Would hard to beat in the near future.

Have i mentioned that i love her hands? :lol:

Real Girl Sex Doll Gia - 6Ye Premium 165cm F-cup Head #X19-48

Real Girl Sex Dolls – 6Ye Premium 165cm F-cup – Head #X19 Gia – US$ 1,833.30 with the Coupon code “realdolladdict”




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