5 Tips To Help You Choose Your Future Sex Doll


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Today, there are many choices of models, manufacturers and vendors in the Sex Doll market around the world. It is sometimes very difficult to find your way around, but I will give you 5 tips to avoid some inconvenience.

It’s okay, you decided to buy yourself a Sex Doll. You find them so sexy and want to spice up your sex life a little bit.

There are 5 questions to ask yourself before you start:

  1. What BUDGET do I have?

    Sex dolls are now well distributed and have become accessible to almost everyone. But you still have to spend a minimum to have a minimum quality.

    The minimum budget is around $1,000 and I don’t think, apart from promotions or discounts, you have to go below price.

    For this price, you can have a nice torso:

    or a “little” sex doll:

    Around $2,000, you will have access to almost all sex dolls in TPE from 150cm to 170cm.

    Beyond that, we enter into luxury, with silicone dolls from major brands.

  2. Where will I STORE it?

    Well, it’s a big question that we often tend to put aside… until it happens. There you see the cardboard packaging and start scratching your head.

    Don’t worry, there are plenty of possibilities! Good if you live alone, if you don’t have a family or friend, or if no one comes to your room… the question is solved, since you can store it between the sheets so that it is ready at any time you want.

    For everyone else, including me, it’s a little more complicated.

    There remains:

    -1- A large closet: the ideal is to remove the head and hang it up. you can buy an optional hook when you buy the beautiful

    -2- Under your bed: This is a good method, since you can use the cardboard packaging that you arrange with a few soft sheets without texture, to avoid marking the doll.

    -3- Sex Doll Storage Case: It’s THE solution, even if I recognize that it’s a bit of a luxury solution. The big advantage is that your doll is very well protected from knocks, deformations and… of others, since they can be locked. You can get the Sex Doll Storage Case from Sexysexdoll.com for $730.

    In any case, whatever solution you choose, undress the sex doll to avoid marks and discoloration.

  3. What WEIGHT can I move without hurting myself?

    And yes, we are not all supermen, even if we hope so every day….

    So before you block your back and find yourself alone with the sex doll on the floor with us bent in half, it’s better to judge yourself a little honestly and with humility.

    A sex doll is a partner of choice, but it remains a dead weight when you have to move it… and believe me when I move Olga, I feel all the weight of her huge breasts!

    So either you put her in your bed and she’s not moving. Either it’s going to take a little effort before the pleasure. And there, it’s often better when it weighs less than 40kg.

    There are simple solutions, such as torso or sex dolls under 150cm or low size cup which will be around 25 to 30kg.

    If your sex doll is suspended, it will also be easier because you will tip it over on you before slipping it into your bed or any other favorite place.

    A little something also by using a wheelchair or a classic chair that you make “wheel” by adding 2 small wheels…… you tilt the wheelchair and that’s it.

  4. What EXCITES me the most in a sex doll?

    That’s a big question… pretty easy to answer, isn’t it?
    Okay, we’re all different and we all have different tastes. But it’s often a matter of details…

    This question seems silly because it is obvious, but I think we really have to ask it. This will help to choose the right criteria and not risk being disappointed when you receive the long-awaited sex doll.

    As far as I’m concerned, and for those who know me a little bit, I’m crazy about big breasts and high heels. So I chose a sex doll that allowed me to fulfill my fantasy: 0 Cup and no torso. On the other hand, I chose a 4ft9 150cm sex doll to limit the weight a little. I think the next one will have a slightly smaller cup size, but a bigger ass.

    You will soon realize that sexual pleasure, while important, is not everything. And that “spending time” with her sex doll by dressing her, cleaning her, or just standing next to her brings a lot of pleasure and excitement.

  5. Who is the RIGHT SELLER?

    The good salesman is the one who listens to you and answers your questions without forcing you to sell.
    For me, he’s the right salesman.

    It’s not a small purchase and you can say what you want, but this “object” will share your privacy. I’m not saying it’s the center of your life or the most important thing, but it’s not a “simple material thing”. I hope you understand what I mean by that.

    So you have made your choice, you have the budget, you have visited a few sites and you are hesitant to get started: the choice of options, the fear of not receiving anything, customs problems… Yes, there are grounds for some anxiety.

    Well, that’s when your sales partner MUST help you. It MUST detail your purchase, its payment, its transport and when your sex doll will arrive at your home.
    If not, LEAVE!!!!!!!!…..

    I don’t want to influence you but the sales partners listed on the blog are trusted partners that I have known for a long time and who have proven themselves. Contact them, talk to them and you will make your own opinion!

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