3 new vids of naked 161cm body from Doll House 168


I wrote a post about the all new 161cm body with big breast of Doll House 168: New 161 Plus series from Doll House 168

You can see below 3 new vids of naked body: the bouncing breasts are very exciting ????

And icing on the cake, some new pics of the BIG BOOBIES 161cm…



Buy you DH168 161cm plus on their AliExpress Store (not official partner of www.sexdolladdict.com ) just for $1,360




Dollstudio.org   Lebensgroße und realitätsnahe Puppen für Erwachsene

The official European seller is DollStudio (in Germany) – not official partner of www.sexdolladdict.com blog (but they are so cool and professional!):






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