15% Off Special Discount by SexyRealSexDolls only on realdolladdict.wordpress.com

DSC_9402Sexy Real Sex Dolls is a new reseller offering top quality silicone and TPE dolls and is offering a 15% Off discount to Real Doll Addict blog’s readers (copy the code and special link below)

This new reseller is based in USA and offers Free Shipping Worldwide, secure payments and price match guarantee!

Its site is also encrypted and they seems to care about customer service, privacy and safety (i did not test but the the seller’s contact was charming and professional).

You could have a big choice!…

I saw that they have partnered up with some of the top manufacturers such as WMdoll, HITdolls, JMdoll, ORdoll and they said me that they are planning to expand its portfolio of products soon.

Use the promo code: SHOPNOW for all purchases on SexyRealSexDolls.com:


The offer smart dolls with heat and sound, silicone and TPE dolls. Here you can find some of the latest models. Enjoy!

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