Very good low budget torso doll Sofia from Sili Doll with review, pics and vid

Many of you ask me the question about the torso  and if there are some good products to begin their dolls experience. I began with an Or Doll Torso, that i paid more than $800.
Sofia is a low cost torso doll from Sili Doll with an great softness and she recently got a detailed review from @Robbyd. Just for those who don’t know who she is.
  • Sofia costs only US$259 (shipped)
  • It is made with our Korean TPE, same as the one used in Suki, Suri, etc.
  • Represents are very good low budget torso doll to experience Sili Doll`s unique softness
I posted too the video about this torso doll!


@robbyd, TDF senior member bought one and gave us this excellent review:

I just wanted to share with all you members out there what an incredible item I just acquired from Sili dolls!

She is the Sofia torsodoll, available at for an INCREDIBLE LOW PRICE OF ONLY $259!! Mig is the man to contact and he will take good care of you!!


Sili doll has the absolute fastest shipping times and should be commended for the excellent service they provide in this area. It really cuts down on the anticipation time and is much appreciated!!
Packaging consists of a DOUBLE WALLED cardboard box within a box and inside of that, you will find your Sofia secure in a clear plastic bag fully protected in a custom fit plastic CASING. This is very impressive for an item that only weighs 25 pounds but it just goes to show the care and quality that Sili Dolls is known for. Also, inside the box, you will find condoms and lube(both items invaluable to the intense sexual encounter you are about to experience!!


103_0160As with all Sili doll products, the specially formulated mixture of TPE is unlike any other!!! It is many shores softer than anything I have ever owned and feels SO REAL!! Especially when lubed up!!
Her face is BEAUTIFUL and her eyes are piercingly blue with pretty pink lips and a satisfying oral cavity. Be sure to use EXTRA lube when entering here as it is small but stretches around you VERY WELL!!!
Breast, pussy and ass are equally soft and VERY SQUEEZABLE!!!


I was not sure if she would be able to handle all positions well as torsos I owned in the past lacked an internal structure that holds the doll in an upright position. But, do not worry, Sofia has the said internal structure and she can perform any and all sex positions like a champ!!! You can vary the positions with ease due to her light weight and she is happy to be of service in whatever way you may desire.
103_0168I prefer missionary as her breasts bounce so wonderfully up and down and all around in this position and you can fondle them and stare into her beautiful blue eyes also. I first inserted one, two and then three fingers side by side, so for you girthy wide guys out there, she can handle you with a good amount of lube!! For doggy, I was able to flip her while still inside and it was so seamless and incredible!!
For cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, you can enjoy by leaning her against you and cupping both of her ass cheeks and then bounce away!! She holds herself up and you can kiss her sweet lips while in this position as well. In reverse cowgirl, you can spin her(while still inside!!) ans hold her waist on either side and watch her bubble booty bounce and bounce. OH WHAT A SIGHT THAT IS!!!!!!


Mig is an absolute pleasure to deal with and a great guy!!! He is always prompt with his replies and is a true asset to this industry!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!


103_0175A fellow member and friend, Laurant8 called the $259 pricetag for Sofia a bargain. I am sorry to tell my friend that I strongly disagree!! It is not a bargain but an ABSOLUTE STEAL!!! I am totally blown away by the softness and top notch construction of this lovedoll!! She provides very satisfying sex in all holes and all positions and is a breeze to get into positions. I was looking for a pair of handcuffs inside the box because I STOLE her from Sili dolls!! LOL !!
She is truly a doll that could easily command a pricetag triple what she now sells for and if you want a doll that can satisfy your EVERY NEED and is SOFT, BEAUTIFUL, VERY LOW MAINTENANCE, HAS EASE OF MOVEMENT AND EASE OF STORAGE WITH EXCELLENT CONSTRUCTION, LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Your very own DREAM GIRL AWAITS!!! Contact Mig today!!! You will be very glad you did!!!





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