(UPDATE with VIDEO) Brand-New Huge Boobs SexDoll From WM Dolls

A brand-new sexdoll from WM Dolls, it’s really nice and when she has big breasts, a super thin waist and a nasty big ass… I sign right away. I already love this new sexdoll: The WM DOLL 150cm 4ft9 M Cup with HUUUUGE BUTT.

She’s presented to us for the first time with a new face of Elf, the #302 Head, different from the previous #154… and which suits him super well.

This sexdoll has crazy measurements: Bust 95cm or 37.4 inches, Tight waist of 52cm – 20.5in and a MEGA large Hips of 114cm – 44.8in.

So enjoy for this new photoshoot… I look forward to the rest and the videos!

WM Dolls 150m 4ft9 M cup with Huge Butt Measurements

  • Height:150cm – 4ft9
  • Cup Size: M cup
  • Head:#302 head
  • Bust: 95cm – 37.4in
  • Waist: 52cm – 20.5in
  • Hips:114cm – 44.8in
  • Weight:42.5kg – 93.7lbs

WM Dolls 150cm (4ft11′) M-cup BBW Big Hooters Sex Doll – Booba
$ 2,099.00

0 thoughts on “(UPDATE with VIDEO) Brand-New Huge Boobs SexDoll From WM Dolls”

      1. Do you have more photos of her hole placements and by the way have you heard of the new model for dukes dolls?

  1. Perfact waist to hip ratio just over double thats my preference good job now if u can add 160cm tit all tit not add to the back with a crazy 6.5 inch areola dam id have to buy then ha go extreme .Like the monster head but im traditional when it comes to heads id love this doll to look like the mom from the incredables with blk thight heel boots an mask in a low xut sexy incredables red outfit ha yip got to have the red hair

  2. rickysanders29

    damn no jiggle or shaking? Was kinda expecting this video to have that like the irontech 140cm

  3. This is probably my favorite post on this blog, I keep coming back

    She has an awesome fantasy face, with a stunning breed-able body

    Any more info on her?

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