Two pics series for curvy baby


In this post, it’s not just one pics series but two!

This is the curvy WM Dolls 152cm with #179 head. This doll’s body is not new, but always sexy. The head is new… and she’s smiling. an Happy head ready to provide pleasure…

Her (so curvy) measurements are:

  • Weight:  37 kg / 81.5 lb
  • Bust: 85.5 cm / 33.6 in
  • Waist: 53 cm / 20.8 in
  • Hip: 92.5 cm / 36.4 in



# 1 Curvy 152 cm (4’9 ft)
huge ass and boobs
with head 142





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      1. I’m so close to buying one, I just have it narrowed down to three that I like very much. Thanks to your site.

  1. I wrote to a helper on this site and he said to be that he will write to me on email because I wanted a specific doll. He will write to me about how much it costs etc? right?

    1. If you want, just use the link to place an order on a 152cm curvy doll and after placing the order reply to confirmation email saying that you want #179 head.

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