Trick Or Treat, The Halloween’s Sex Doll

Are you ready for Halloween?
If not, I have the sex doll to have a horrible evening around the fire!

Fear, ghosts, horror movies and sex are the best things to dream of when you want to stay home!

The YL Dolls 5ft6 168cm with face #315

YL Dolls has thought of everything to make you happy and prepare you for this horror festival. Imagine yourself….

You come home at night. It is late. The night is black and freezing. There is a strong wind, swirling around, taking the papers with it on the road. A fine and intense rainfall wetting your body.

You hear voices, screams in the night without really knowing where they come from. You feel your body quiver.

Back home

The adrenaline rushes even higher when you park your car in the driveway of your home. The trees form terrifying shadows with the light of the streetlights. You want to go home and warm up at home. You’re almost shaking.

You decide to rush towards your front door… but when you arrive in front, your hands tremble and you can’t grab your keys…. You feel like a presence behind you…. She’s here. She’s here. She’s very close to you……

Finally the door opens. You switch to the entrance. You close the door violently. But you still feel her….

168cm (5ft6′) B-Cup Fantasy and Halloween Sex Doll – Salloween – 1,899 USD

You feel her presence

She’s here. She’s here. In your couch.

She’s looking at you.

Her translucent blue eyes stare at you. She’s almost naked. She’s just wearing a silk bathrobe and nylon stockings. She wants you. You can’t resist.

She shakes her head in front of you and strikes off completely. You come closer. Your hands undress your body without you wanting to. You are hers.

In a few minutes, you’re going to make love to her…

In a few hours, she will possess you.

YL DOLL 168cm 5ft6 B Cup Specifications

  • Height: 168cm – 5ft6
  • Bust: 77cm – 30.3in
  • Under bust: 60cm – 23.6in
  • Waist: 47cm – 18.5in
  • Hips:88cm – 34.6in
  • Weight: 36.4kg – 80lbs

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  1. This vampiress is so sexy ???? I’ll never have fear of her and always will want to make love to her(even a blowjob ???? )

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