The Bride Was In White

She’s beautiful, she’s blonde and she has beautiful blue eyes. Today is a great day for her: she will marry the one who has shared her life for so many years.

Well, she’s only 25 years old, but he’s asked her several times now, and she refuses for fear of other people’s comments. But today, she is taking responsibility.

A very sexy gift

And the couple invited me to their wedding, but before they get married, she wants to give them a special gift. She wants to pose in front of my camera to give her the most beautiful thing she has, besides her love.
And she knows how to enhance it.

So we set up an appointment in my studio, and she chose to come right after her wedding dress fitting. So she was in white lingerie, with a beautiful copper necklace and a matching tiara.

She had prepared her session well.

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Small boobs and small ass, but big effect

When she arrived, I understood right away that she knew what she wanted. We talked for two minutes, but she quickly took the measure of the set and decided on the poses.

She looked the lens straight in the eyes, as if she was looking at him, her future husband. She wanted him to understand why she was doing this.
I didn’t exist.

She was having sex with the camera. She began to undress gently, showing one tit and then the other. It seemed like she was in front of him and she wanted to turn him on.

Then her eyes changed, and she exposed her sex and her cute ass. The message had changed and she wanted to fuck…..

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