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He bought the new 152cm Curvy Body from WM Dolls and write a excellent review on TDF. I could not resist to retranscribe it here.

But after trying and trying and trying to reduce the text for this post, i decided to leave it entirely. The analysis is excellent and all words are important!

A BIG thanks to Alabina21 for me, all my readers, and all WM DOLLS Curvy Body fans!



# 1 Curvy 152 cm (4’9 ft)
huge ass and boobs
with head 142



A doll with a figure “ass men” have been waiting for……but could her weight, due to her body shape, affect her in bed?

Instagram: s0phia_doll

(+) Pro () Con (/) Mixed (Photo) Link

I will cover every relevant aspect of the doll, from looks to the “play”. A little lengthy, tried to keep it short, but I want to share my full review to assist the decision of those on the fence about this beauty.

First I would like to clarify a few important things:
-I don’t speak for everyone in this review.
-I wrote this w/o the influence of anyone.
-I’ve only had Sophia for about 2 weeks now.
-I take GREAT care of my things.
-I currently have relationships with real women.
-So far no doll has come close to feeling like a real woman.
[Keep all this in mind while you read the review]

Costumer Service:
(+) Brent, from 1amdoll, is helpful and answered my questions and requests in a timely manner. I asked for last minute changes to the order and it was taken care of. (/) Production time: Black Friday weekend – Ordered Nov 26, 2016; Delivery Jan 4, 2017. About 5.5 weeks. New models have 1 mold in factory and production of that certain mold is one per day. Also FedEx holiday delay of 1 week. I understand, but the wait is torture. :|

(+) THE best packing job i’ve seen from any doll manufacturer/vendor. Foam padding and styrofoam box protection inside a sturdy, unmarked, custom built, brown box. Excellent.


(+) 4’9″ but () 80 lbs, doll is heavy. With an ass this big don’t be surprised.

WM-51 (Oral) – (+) Beautiful face. (+) Both eyes are movable. (+) Wigs are easily fitted. (+) Oral is available () but tunnel isn’t ribbed… :|

(+) Sturdy screw on head system. No chance head will fly off during play. () Squiky neck though. (+) Neck tilts back, forward and side to side.

Eva – (+) Curviest bottle shape figure on a doll yet.(+) TPE material is spooky soft and life-like when oiled, powdered, and heated. () Skin can easily dent. (+) Metal skeletal system feels strong and well built. (+) Doll is posable. (+) Waist is able to twist sideways. (-) but not arch.

(+) The arms can be pivoted in the same direction a RG’s arms move. (+) Arms, hands, and wrists hold poses. (+) Strong joint wrists. Very happy for this. (+) Finger wires bend () but can still snap easily.

Hollow (+) soft and jiggle like natural breasts. (+) Look amazing (-) but feel synthetic when squeezed to the fullest. The inside of the breast sounds like a balloon when it sticks, for a millisecond, inside the hollow cavity.

(+) BIG and round. Reason I got this doll. :razz: <–ass man () More on the firmer side..but jiggles a little bit.


Integrated – (+) You can adjust the tightness by opening or closing the legs. (+) Realistic ribbed cavities! Vag has a G-spot. :whistle: Vag is closed off at the end of tunnel! Easy cleaning without fear of any TPE ball coming loose. (+) Anus has an intense ribbed set up :shocked!: () but opening seems very vulnerable to tearing.

(+) Thick and meaty legs. (/) Legs extended safely to a 60* angle but unable to do a full split. (+) Doll can kneel and stand, but not on her own. (+) Feet are like the wrists, posable joint system. Didn’t order standing option but doll is still able to stand. Big plus. :thumbs_up:

(+) Erotic looking doll with a womanly body. () Seams are noticeable, but whose looking there? (+) Craftsmanship of body, hands, feet, and face is amazingly realistic. (+) Looks like a higher-end doll!

And now the part we tuned in for!

When I opened the box and removed the padding, and whatnot, it brought a smile to my face seeing those big t1ts jiggling around. It was like the doll was alive. What got me next was the size of her booty. Goodness! :P
I took her out of the box, mounted her head, inspected her from head to toe, cleaned and powdered her. I put her wig on, sprayed some perfume, laid her under my bed sheets, and warmed her up with a hair dryer. Body felt amazing heated and smooth.


Dressing – Sophia has a medium level of difficulty to dress up. Top half is cooperative, but the bottom half is a tad challenging. In order to dress Sophia I have to plan out which direction and what position I will have her. Sophia’s thick legs makes it a bit hard to put certain panties or pants on her, either laying or standing. Not bad though.

Sex – Oral is nice and tight, unnaturally curves upward instead of down like a real throat.

T1tjobs…ARE…GREAT… :drinking:.

normal_t1tsqueezeUnfortunately, Sophia’s weight and thickness does take away from the fun. Sad truth cause those where the reasons I got her in the first place. So far the best position I enjoy her is doggy. No need to shift or handle her weight. Missionary can be difficult. I’m a thin but not skinny guy and getting it in is slowed by Sophia’s thick thighs. My hips could only go so far, between her thighs, and had to overextend her legs just to get in there. Cowgirl position is better and she rides well. Again her weight is still an issue. I couldn’t easily bounce her like I do to my other lighter dolls, instead I found myself using my entire body to get her to bounce and rock. Sophia can’t lay on top flat and rock much. She is heavy and the placement of her vag is hard to enter with her legs extended. Sitting position is good but her weight, again, kills the momentum. I have to constantly stop and shift her weight toward me so she doesn’t fall backwards or lands on me. Oh Sophia, that ass is worth it though.

Bed – Sophia is a f*** doll more than anything. I don’t feel Sophia is a very huggable doll. Her big t1ts get in between us and are too big to hold her close. She is also not so comfortable to sleep with. In bed, I’m constantly worried that I might squish or flatten her boob. And when I want to flip or move her in bed, YEP!, she is too heavy..spooning is the only enjoyable position.

The Negative:
Odor– Strong odor, but must say not unpleasant. Can’t put my finger on it but TPE emits an odor of rubber, tabacco, iron, or a paint type smell…tolerable but noticable. Fades after a while.

Factory Defects– Not major but noticable mini scratch marks on certain parts of skin. Micro dents on butt cheek caused by wrinkles by the bag she is wrapped in.
Suggestion: How about wrapping doll in the blanket and then in the bag?

WM has been killing the TPE game and 1amDollUSA has been there since the beginning. They’re always offering a good deal. The quality of product and customer service is A1. The reason they are my #1 stop for my doll purchases.

I am satisfied with Sophia. She is the doll I’ve been waiting for, just not what I expected. She is very photogenic and pleasing to look at, but lacks in other areas. It is a workout playing with her and requires a lot of energy to move her around. Although she will do what you want her to do, it is a journey getting there. Overall a good doll and descent in bed. She is not for everyone but only the ones willing to handle her assets. That alone is worth grabbing her.

152cm: 3/5 Stars
1AM Sex Doll USA Grade: A


 All pics of Sophia (WMDOLL 152cm curvy body)



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