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Smart Sex Doll 2021

Hello, everyone, long time no see, today I want to introduce a few new products on our website, smart dolls. Yes, the dolls this time are different from the previous dolls. They can have simple conversations, and their breasts, legs, vaginas and other parts are all sensitive, and they can groan when touched. Isn’t it interesting?

Now society is being invaded by the new coronavirus, which more or less leads to a decrease in our social interaction and makes us feel anxious. Due to the epidemic, many large-scale events have been cancelled, and work, study, and outings have been hindered, which greatly frustrated our original lives. But during this period, if you don’t have a partner or masturbation toys, what should you do when you want to have sex? At this time, you need a simulation doll to accompany you, and smart dolls are a good choice.

The previous article mentioned some of their characteristics, as well as the following aspects:

  1. Intelligent body temperature: It can be adjusted through the equipped facilities, and all parts of the body can reach 37 degrees, which is closer to the temperature of a real person, giving you a real experience, making it no longer a cold doll.
  2. A variety of groans: You can choose your favorite groans through the APP, so that you will be on the scene when you have sex, and you will no longer be alone.
  3. It has a real touch, the skin is like a real person, and it is made with a ratio of 1:1.

And smart dolls also have some things to pay attention to, such as:

  1. The heating time should not be too long, and the heating time should be controlled at 30 minutes, so as to avoid charging for too long, causing explosion or damage, and read the instructions carefully.
  2. When cleaning, please avoid other important parts such as charging parts and screws, so as to avoid water entering and causing damage to the doll.
  3. When using, please do not charge, and do not use the product when charging.
  4. Do not charge the product in extreme weather such as thunder.
  5. Please unplug the charging cable when you go out or have other work to avoid accidents.

It is no longer a shame to own a sex doll. On the contrary, many people think it is a normal thing, because everyone has a moment to release their desires and know what choice is the most for them. Good way. So if you also want to have a smart doll that belongs to you, come and buy it at our shop (, because the smart dolls in our shop are very cheap and very beautiful. Quality and after-sales service can be guaranteed, don’t worry about being deceived, because we are a seller who really considers customers, so if you have any needs, you can tell us.

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