Sexual Addiction

It’s the (quick) return of the new YL Doll 5ft2 166cm with the same face as last time: the 357.
It sounds a bit like one of our friend Calahan’s guns, and it can also wreak havoc.

The Sex Doll at the top

I had already said in the previous post that I liked this sexdoll a lot, and the more I see it, the more I think it’s the perfect Sexdoll. It has everything for her without any flaws. It’s the perfect combination of everything I love and that excites me on a sexdoll to have fun. I think that all those who like big tits, like me, have the same opinion as me.

A body of poof

She has two huge, well rounded, puffy tits, which give her a beautiful cleavage. These breasts look a bit like “old-fashioned” and absolutely unnatural, but we like it very much. And when you have them in your hands or your sex is in the middle, you don’t complain!

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm
YL Doll 5ft2 166cm

She has a super slim waist, which I particularly like, since it gives a huge contrast with her upper body and her hips.

In the previous article, we didn’t get a good look at her little ass… and yes, I had already said that big-ass lovers should go their way and well, maybe I was wrong. Well she doesn’t have a huge ass, that’s for sure, but she has two nice rounded buttocks. And when you’re going to pass her in the back, you’re going to have a great time… or rather you’re going to have a great time busting her ass!

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm
YL Doll 5ft2 166cm

A sex toy

This sexdoll is a perfect sextoy. It’s beautiful, super well made and it’s light! It’s incredible with her big breasts, she doesn’t exceed 75lbs or 34 kg. It’s crazy, she measures 5ft2 166cm !

My Olga is 4ft9 and she weighs almost 20 les or 10Kg more!

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm
YL Doll 5ft2 166cm

This YL Doll 5ft2 166cm has a great future and I’m sure, as I’m already thinking about it, that you will buy one!

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm

  • Height: 166cm – 65.35in
  • Upper Bust: 88cm – 34.64in
  • Under Bust: 52cm – 20.47in
  • Waist: 49cm – 19.3in
  • Hip: 87cm – 34.25in
  • Weight (incl. head): 33.8kg / 74.5lbs

4 thoughts on “Sexual Addiction”

  1. “And when you’re going to pass her in the back, you’re going to have a great time…”

    You know what’s best? That “great time” will basically last much much longer compared to all the other dolls available. One aspect while designing her was a bigger anal entry. The YL166 comes with 12mm diameter.

    Definitely, assuming you are attracted to big (not hanging) breasts combined with a nice, well defined ass – that’s THE perfect sex doll

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