Sex With Dollho

All the pics are on the shared album:

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  1. I was looking at the animated gif with the small doll where do you buy them from you have a nice selection

  2. or is their a website where I could buy it complete I want to try and get the one that looks like the 7th picture the one with the big brest

    1. HI
      you ‘ll have all answers in my previous post!
      if needed don’t hesitate to post new question

  3. What about those soft dolls? Are they silicone or TPE? Where do you find them? Also, are there busty dollho bodies?

    1. Hi Swank,
      you can have all info on the website of Kanojo Toys:

      You’ll have to get an onahole and the mini doll you like (Obitsu, Dollfie,…)
      Some links to help you:

      and a little video for your pleasure:

      1. I’m not finding anything like the busty ones like the pic on the top right of the pic of the three in a row. Where did you find those dears?

      1. Like your 6th picture with the 3 girls standing together, it looks like the arms and legs aren’t plastic and the dolls look like they are all soft with no plastic limbs. Are there any dolls that are like that, that you know of?

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