RealDoll Classic Retirement… Special Offers


The RealDoll Classic series is at end of life, and RealDoll decided to offer a special promotion for its retirement.

But RealDoll do things well (limit perfect)…

$1000 OFF on all classic dolls

and ALL classic faces for $400

RDC_Stephanie_C1_10If i made the good calculation, you can have Stephanie:

Body 5 (E Cup) just for $4499!!!!

(Excl. TAX (tax charged for California residents only))

Stephanie in details :

  • rd1_body5.jpgFace: 8,
  • Body: 5,
  • Skin tone: Medium,
  • Eye color: Brown,
  • Wig color & style: Auburn – Style 0703,
  • Lip color: Apricot,
  • Makeup: Medium black eyeliner – Slate shadow,
  • Fingernails: French Manicure,
  • Pubic hair: Shaved,
  • Outfit: Not available

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You can see others model examples on the gallery below.


All info and order on:

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