Quian, Huge Boobs Dream

I don’t think you’re ready to see what’s next. I don’t think you realize what you’re going to go through.

My first question when I saw this series of photos was: “Is it real?” My second question: “Is it really a sexdoll?” My third question: “Where can I buy it?”

The waking dream

We always say that there are mornings that enchant us… well, not every morning, I grant you. But that was my case. This Asian beauty awakened in me the love of cherry trees in spring, the sunrise on Mount Fuji, the sweet sound of Gong in Shinto temples.

I can’t get over it.

This sexdoll that gave me so much emotion is the JY Doll 170cm 5ft5 P Cup with silicone Quian’s head. She’s my new muse. She has everything I love: softness, class, sexy, beauty, simplicity and a dreamy body.

JY Doll 5ft5 170cm P Cup with Silicone Head Quian – SexyRealSexDolls

170cm (5ft7′) Big Twin Melons Sex Doll – Rachel – 2,199 USD on SRSD


Quian is a young sexdoll with a very beautiful face with fine features, a small mouth and slightly almond-shaped black eyes. But Quian also has a body of fire, which she does not show easily.

JY Doll 5ft5 170cm P cup with Silicone head Quian

She has a very large breast, thin hips and a nice ass. But you can only distinguish its shapes, since the beauty is discreet. She keeps with her the respect, humility and shyness of the women of the land of the Rising Sun.

But make no mistake about it. In the warmth of intimacy and the home, Quian knows what she can do and the effect she has. She arrives in a suit with her high black lacquered heels, but as soon as the evening arrives, she turns into a sensual demon with a transparent body.

JY Doll 170cm 5ft5 P Cup

  • Height:170cm – 5ft5
  • Upper bust:100cm – 39.4in
  • Under bust:58cm – 22.8in
  • Waist:56cm – 22in
  • Hips:98cm – 38.5in
  • Weight:43Kgs

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  1. I’ve had my eye on this particular doll for weeks now…..I hope they have a black Friday special, or at least I can buy the head

    1. You’re right! I saw some pics of this actress and this sexdoll looks like her, but without her HUUUGE boobs!

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