New WM Dolls 153cm Official body

153cm with %2336 head  %287%29Angel The all new 153cm body of WM Dolls with the #36 face…

1AM Doll exposed her model of this 153cm: Renee

The Renee 153 cm doll body has been reworked adding the labia to the body along with improved skeleton motion like her sisters Lilly and Gwen.

Height: 60.188 inches
Measurements: Waist: 22″, Bust: 30.75″, Hips: 32.25″
Model Name: Renée
Model Number: TC1110
Doll Type: TPE with Metal Skeleton
Weight: 64 lbs.
Sex Organs: Vagina, Anus, & Oral

The first set below is with the WM-38 Head.


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