New WM Dolls 148cm L Cup coming

This WM Dolls 148cm/4ft8 L cup is a new body.
You can see this model with #56 head, here for the first time with pics and videos… with clothes and nude!!


I think WM Dolls has chosen the right compromise with a lightweight and Huge boobs body

I have her first specs

  • Height:148cm – 4ft8
  • Bust: 94cm -37inches
  • Waist: 50cm -19.7inches
  • Hips: 80cm – 31.5inches
  • Weight: 29kg – 63.9lbs






148cm (4ft10′) Big Boobie Sex Doll Shakia







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    1. My Vimeo account has been closed. I did not have time to replace all vids for all posts… But i added this one after your comment… Thanks and Enjoy!!

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