New G-cup doll from Or Doll

QQ图片20160316212538 (1)This is the time of huge busty dolls and  Big boobs lovers. After Sumi from SiliDoll and the 165cm from Wm Dolls like Pandora, Or Doll announce  new body with G-Cup breast.

we are completing the preliminary design and sculpture model of 156cm G-cup( upper breasts: 97 cm, Lower breasts:67cm) , I would like to send the sculpture model’s pictures to your guys. Please give us all the suggestions!!!

And Or Doll is so smart that they decided to discuss with fans on TDF and they will shape this body with the comments.

You can view below the first pics of the mold.


The thread on TDF:

The OR Doll official website:


7 thoughts on “New G-cup doll from Or Doll”

  1. It’s pretty much perfect (the breasts could use a tiny bit more work though). The suggestions on the forum are also very nice. I hope they release a new face though. I’ve looked at their face selection and it’s not really my taste. I prefer the face WM Dolls released with their new 155cm beauty. I get a lot of uncanny valley from some OR Doll faces. That should be taken as a partial compliment btw: if it’s so close to reality that you get a weird feeling, you’re real good.

    Also, any doll designers out there should look at the Skyrim modding community for ideas of body types. They’ve spent the last 5 years coming up with really good sexy (and busty) models. I’m thinking UNPB and CBBE especially.

    I really like that the OR Doll design has some nicely fleshed out legs. The WM Dolls new 155cm release has some serious twig legs…not enough calves! haha Although I guess it is in line with the tiny waist. That waist was a great idea…seems perfect for tit fucking IMO.

    1. realdolladdict

      I’m ok with you @Massey about the Or Doll Faces. I got a Rose Torso with european face and i would prefer the WM-58 or WM-46 Faces. There are more naughty faces…
      You like Tit Fucking? Did you see the new huge WM Doll Pandora of Toots ( ) or Sumi from Silidoll with her big boobs (
      My favorite doll of the moment!!!!!

      1. Yes, I’ve seen Pandora and Sumi. Pandora is a bit much for me ans Sumi is a little too short. The new 155cm WM doll is jaw dropping but this new one from OR Doll is going to be the best thing ever. It looks a lot like a slightly customized CBBE body in the video game Skyrim. So anyone that has installed some (ahem) more mature mods for that game will be salivating at the chance to get down to business in the flesh as it were (I’m not excluding myself here).

        Do you know if swapping heads from one company to another is even possible btw? Do they all pretty much have the same attachment system? Do these manufacturers all get their skeletons from the same place or do they each have their own design? I’ve got some mechanical engineering education and experience: figured I could get the body from one place and the head from another. Guess skin colour might be an issue though.

        Oh and btw, I’m in the process of building a website to resell some of these dolls. I’m giving this blog a shout out since you’re so awesome. Still getting things setup, so nothing for sale yet (haven’t contacted any manufacturers yet, I want the site to be functional first). Go have a look and send me a message, I’d like to pick your brain if you don’t mind.

      2. realdolladdict

        You’re right. Or Doll will release a great big boobs model. Yeh i know that the heads from WM Dolls and Or Doll are compatible (the two factories are really closed…). And i think you can find the same skin tone.
        Do you know the CC Body from 4woods?

        I checked your website, it’s a good one! And thanks a lot for the link. Plz PM me on twitter if you want to go further.

  2. Thanks for the compliment concerning my website! Apparently I can’t PM you unless you are following me? Anyway, I’m happy to hear the bodies/heads are compatible. They must get their supplies from the same source then, interesting.

    As for the 4Woods CC body…damn, that’s nice! I like the breasts to be a little bigger though. And I’m not looking for absolute realism either. This is all about fantasy for me. Still loving the WM Dolls 155cm body the most right now.

      1. Haha, I got a reaction below the belt from the Ruby doll! Lol! Great body that! Just the sort of thing I like. Thanks for sharing. BoyToy Cadence model also has a really great style. The heavy makeup, the eyes, the proportions: it’s naughty but well balanced. There’s a lot of art to it, very nice.

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