New 155cm custom with BIG BUTT released

Heidi 155 N-18

YL Doll teams announced their new 155cm custom doll has been finished! What are the main difference from this doll vs old 155cm?
Her butt is sooo much bigger and thick thigh.. And her private is in right location..

The measurements are now “classical” and common with some many 155/165cm small breast dolls.

  • Height: 155cm
  • B-W-H: 74-56.5-88.5cm
  • Shoulder: 37cm

But this one is particular, because she was designed with @Tootsie, senior member and big YL DOLL fan. He explained how on TDF.

Why small breasts?

Heidi 155 N-13Here it is, 2016 has proven to be the BEST year for TPE dolls. The advancement in quality is unreal and here I welcome YLdoll’s NEW 155cm Custom body with their recently released Heidi head. The 155cm body is a collaboration with me (tootsie) and YLdoll. We took the original 155cm body then added a bubble butt/booty, thickened the hips and inner thighs and sculpted in PERKY nipples. The most common features with a real woman with bubble butt is they have small breasts, hence why this doll is a realistic body type and why booty with small breasts go hand in hand. Not to mention but now you can flip her on her tummy and not stress the boobs :wink:

“The skin is so life like, it literally feels like touching a woman.”

I have owned YLdoll’s 1st gen 135cm, 2nd gen 148cm and now 155cm Custom THIRD gen doll. From my hands on experience I instantly KNEW this is YLdoll’s FLAGSHIP doll. The improvements is incredible over my 6 month old 148cm. The skin is so life like, it literally feels like touching a woman. If I were to be blindfolded and requested to touch/feel a real woman and this doll I would not be able to feel the difference.

“This butt jiggles!!”

The butt is the star of this model. They sculpted the butt perfectly within reason to keep the whole figure in proportion. Anyone remember requesting the butts to be “hollow” so it can jiggle? well after handling this body there is NO need for hollow butts. As I powdered her butt with my brush the entire butt would jiggle!! This butt jiggles!! You can shake her thighs and her butt will jiggle like a real girl! I will post a video of this demo soon.

Heidi 155 N-20

The privates; vagina & anus have been PERFECTED. In person it looks like the real thing. No more fake pussies! The placements is on the money! The skeleton on my doll did not come stiff like my other 2 TPE’s, I don’t know if this is just mine or if the mfer has changed the stiffness of the joints. The TPE does not oil anymore, I could not feel it as much as my other 2 the day I got them.

This is my first doll with tan skin and it looks much more realistic than natural or white skin tones. She appears like a beach babe, tan but not so much that it becomes borderline brown. It’s a real tan. Extremely HOT.

Heidi 155 N-12

The areolas were sculpted in for a PERKY size. Perky nips is the way to go from now on. I have to say that due to shipping, the left proper nipple was flattened a little most likely due to something laying directly on it but it will spring back into shape soon.

“The forearm ROTATES now, I could not do this with my other dolls.”

Now the skeleton. Many people have a gripe on this but here I am an experienced TPE owner so I can squash those rumors floating around. The skeletons all have hinged wrists since last year. This doll has it and the finger wires feel more robust even to my other dolls. The forearm ROTATES now, I could not do this with my other dolls. So now you can easy rotate her hands and eliminating the need to rotate by the elbow as previously. I went for standing option as this is a MUST.

Heidi 155 N-7

It appears YL offers 2 types of inserts now. Both have different texture inside. Concerning the naked parts, I will take photos soon and post them here, I only had very limited time to take these pictures but I will post more pics.

This doll can be directly ordered now from

Additional pics are posted at the YLdoll gallery on their website too.

I want to thank Eric and YLdoll staff for making this incredible girl. You guys have a LIFELONG customer here.

Thanks to Tootsie for comment and pics!

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