Mildred 158cm Big Breast Literary Sex Doll

Hello Boys… How are you?…. I think she’s talking to you!
What? Don’t you know her? Well, let me introduce her to you!

This is Mildred, a pretty black, well almost, with hazel eyes and a pretty mouth. Mildred is a spirited, motivated and committed young woman. She knows what she wants and especially what she doesn’t want.

Mildred is not a bimbo. This Sex Doll is natural, beautiful and simple. She loves nature, traditions and sex. She likes to have fun. She has a very nice body with a pair of big sized breasts (F Cup), nice hips and a nice butt… And that’s really her strong point: Julia has a great ass.

According to the measurements of this Sex Doll 158cm F cup from NWDoll, you would think that this ass is huge with its 95 cm or 83.5 cm hips. Especially since she has a waist circumference that is really small with her 55cm. Well the drawing is very well done because you can’t see it, you can enjoy it… You’re enjoying this butt.

Mildred’s tits very big, as I said, but they are really nice. The work of NW Doll is really great at this level. The tits on their sexdoll are slightly bulging with a work on the nipples and areolas, which makes it very realistic. Let me know what you think.

I offer you this first series of pictures of the NWDoll 158cm F cup, but I have some more that you will see soon… Be patient !… I find this series very well done and the combination between this body and Mildred’s face is, in my opinion, the best. (