Meeting Valerie


Andy HSU is the happy owner of two CLM 160: Maddie and Jenny. He decided to write some great novels. Here is the first series called “Meeting Valerie“.

Jenny called me yestesday and asked if her friend Valerie could stay over at my place. I was hesitant at first, I’ve never met Valerie. Letting a stranger stay for 3 weeks? I did not like the sound of that.

“Why can’t she stay with you and Maddie?” I asked.  It seems rather odd they had plenty of space in their apartment.

“Well, she works right in the Loop. So it’s much easier for her to get to work. Val is on a business trip from San Diego. Plus, it gives me and Maddie an excuse to come visit!” She replied.


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I still felt uneasy about it, but I told Jenny I would do it. At least I’ll be able to see the twins more often as they come visit. Apparently, Valerie is also into lifting, that is how she met the twins. They used to work out together back in Cali.


Her plane was supposed to arrive Satusday; due to the weather conditions, it was delayed. Good thing I didn’t need to pick her up. I came back from the gym; my workout was brutal. I warmed up to my max. Then repeated 3 sets there for 5 reps. Afterwards, I dropped it down to 85% and began my drop sets. From that point on it was a nonstop grind. Frankly I’ve been struggling to stay motivated in the gym, there is a lot on my mind.

I was able to finish my arm workout in time. I showered at the gym and headed home. Valerie is supposed to arrive within the next hour. After I ate dinner, I made sure her bedroom was clean, so I grabbed extra sheets and comforters for her: even bought new pillows for her.

11My phone vibrated, someone texted me. It was Val.

“Hey this is Val! I’m downstairs. See you in a bit!” I called the security guard that was downstairs and he was able to let her up. Six minutes later, she knocked on my door 3 times. I headed for the door, unlocked it…

Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. Really hoping she’s not a bitch.  I guess I’ll find out. I opened the door.

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