Jungle Fever! Meet Nyomi! 160cm YL


@Tootsie is a big dolls fan and he sent me so many reviews of his dolls like: Tootsie’s YL DOLL 150cm Huge Boobs or Pandora is back and she’s jalous!

Today you can discover his new YL 160cm big boobs doll.

Hi there! I got my tax refund and guess what I spent it on? That’s right, the fabulous YL 160cm doll. I got the new Imani head and for the first time I decided to go for a black gf. I didn’t know if I would be happy with this decision but here are my thoughts on this doll.

Note: Before I move on to the review I would like to inform everyone that I have owned MANY dolls (I lost count). I have had the first generation (2013) TPE dolls – current 4th generation to silicone dolls. I use my dolls sexually and am fully aware of how to treat them and what positions is possible. This makes it easy to compare to my EX and current dolls in terms of quality, craftsmanship, sculpture, etc.

Packaging: I got tracking on Friday and scheduled delivery to be on Wednesday but there was a delay and did not receive until the following Monday. The longer your doll is in transit the higher chances she will get damage as the shipper does not handle the box delicately. The box was fine but the doll did get a pinch from laying on it’s side.
Doll specs:
Chocolate skin tone (more like expresso)
Standing feet
Imani head

14927976290368Imani Head
: I have to admit that this head sculpt from YL is their best one and a must buy if you own a Tan body or black body. The sculpt is African decent and just fantastic. Adding a little makeup and she comes to life, I am very impressed. This head will look great in tan skin too if you thinking for a “Rihanna” or “Beyonce” look for your doll.

Skin: When I took her out the box I thought she was very black so in room lighting she will appear dark but under bright light it softens her skin color just as you see in my pictures. She is a bit too black for me but next time I will go for a brown coco color, now this is just my personal taste but if you like a full black girl then this skin tone from YL fits the bill.

Softness: Many of you may know there is a “super soft TPE” SST being talked about for the past few weeks and I was told by several mfer’s NOT to go that route as problems may arise. YL made my doll with a “soft TPE” like right in the middle of regular – super soft TPE. This soft TPE completely cuts off the super soft TPE’s purpose as it is significantly softer than regular TPE but enough that it won’t rip, tear or deform as easily as super soft. When I unpack her she had compression marks on her butt and chest due to the plastic bag she was wrapped around in also her breasts were pushed to the sides as FedEX placed the box the wrong side. So if you do get soft TPE be aware you will get your doll with marks and her butt/boobs may get distorted slightly. The good news is that my doll fully recovered after 1-2 days.

I have to add that due to the softness she will get compression marks easily if you put tight clothes on her, etc. The marks do go away so I was relieved at that but it is far easy to get creases than to my standard TPE dolls.

149267514061912Play: Wow what a difference the soft TPE makes to your doll. Fondling her you will pitch a tent in seconds, her breasts and butt is a huge turn on and mixed with the soft TPE is a jaw dropper. This makes me wish all my dolls were soft TPE. Some of you guys have seen the 160 demo video and thought her butt was firm but I will make a video showing how her rump shakes because there is a big difference now due to the soft material. The most fun is the cow girl position and her breasts flop around incredibly that you can place your head between her tits and she will slap you left and right. This is all thanks to the softness again. Doggy is a great site and you can access both love holes. Remember that you NEED to get adjusted to your doll and then you will find how to position her for sex, a lot of people try and give up then state the position is not possible. Things to consider is your body frame, gut, etc can deter positions as a real woman would simple position herself.

: The joints are excellent with no signs of “cheapness”, I own another doll from a different mfer and can spot a good skeleton and a cheap skeleton. YL is on top in the skeleton design, smooth movements and dependability ensures the doll will hold up for a long time.

Weight: I believe she is 90lbs but feels lighter than normal. I do not have any problems with doll weight and do lift and position the doll with no problems of course this is not the same case with many of you. I rather have a full figure woman than a toy size doll and you should consider than in reality women of this caliber like Nyomi will have standards for dating men and so this standard goes with dolls too, if you want a babe like this you will need to be MAN enough to handle her as she in real life would only date a real man (I’m just stating a fact).

149267523559214Body Shape: Great body! Anyone who knows me knows I like thick curvy women with ass and Nyomi pleases me with her candy! I stood her up in a tight dress and just sit back in awe… I just couldn’t believe how hot she is. The pictures you have seen of the 160cm YL does NOT do justice to this doll in person. I was amazed at how large her hips are and comparing next to the CLM 160cm her butt is bigger but does not have that cushion as the CLM does. I like both equally as they are different shape. The breasts are a masterpiece, it has that natural hang to them and the titties rocking is mesmerizing. This body combined with the soft TPE is unreal, your mind thinks it is a real woman. This is the only doll with that heart shape look to it.

Final thoughts: TPE smell is minimal I have to get close to her to smell anything and it is a pleasant smell, I think YL has done a good job on removing the smell. The YL 160cm body is PERFECT base for a ethnic doll. I got “jungle fever” the first day she was with me and I never experienced this much attraction on any of my dolls before. If you are on the market for a curvy woman doll then this doll will meet that criteria.

As always, be a smart doll owner and get as much information of the dolls as possible so you can get your dream girl, I hope my review helps someone and just so you can see who I been talking about all this time well here are her photos!

Thanks to YL and Jinsan (#1) :thumbs_up:



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  1. Do you have to request softer TPE from YL doll? Or is this body type just come with the softer TPE?

    Saw some videos on the softness, was very impressed!

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