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Handsome Boys-Do You Like?

With the rise of feminist thoughts, women pursue the same power as male owners, and of course they also include sexual needs. Instead of being dominated by the needs of men, you can boldly put forward your own ideas and needs, which can not only increase the communication between each other, but also increase the emotions between each other. So we work not only for our handsome men, but also for our beautiful ladies. We have created our list of the top 5 male sex dolls for anyone interested in the products offered in the male sex doll market.

Abel is too handsome. His 8-inch long penis can satisfy not only the girls. Abel has oral and anal capabilities. He is the perfect boy toy. With his beautiful blue eyes, he will make his partner want more every day! Abel is on sale now, hurry up now!

Bill causes lots of sexual tension between not only females but males as well. He has an 8-inch detachable penis, anal and oral capabilities. Bill is worth a try especially when you feel lonely and want some hot love.

Bruce- This guy has a model-looking body, and he is 160cm tall. Just like the other male sex dolls from our list he has anal and oral capabilities . Baron is ready to go home whenever you are!

Baron-This hot guy is a beast in bed. He can satisfy both women and men with his large detachable penis and anal capabilities. He is very tall (170cm) and very realistic. The features of Max can be customized, and he can be dressed however you like!

Arno-This guy is everybody’s favorite Japanese anime sex doll. He reminds us of anime characters like Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) and Kakashi Hatake. Arno can be with both males and females. He has a long dick and anal capabilities for up to 15cm. Arno is very flexible and can take any position you want.

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