Cannonball Boobs

A new small series of photos of the recent WM Dolls 4ft9 150cm M cup with the #56 head which remains for me, one of the most beautiful and exciting of the moment. Well, it’s clearly my dope.

I have already presented it to you in several posts, but it is the first time in brown. And it suits her quite well.

Curvy and sexy

This pretty chubby sexdoll is a little heavy naturally, but she has a lot of arguments in her favor. She’s already beautiful. She’s very desirable.

WM Dols 150cm 4ft9 M Cup with #56 head

The shapes of her body are simply perfect for me. She has super large breasts in the shape of cannonballs, very heavy and that you want to swing from one side to the other. They’re really round. When she serves them against each other, you can see their gigantic sizes….

Super Large Hips

If you look down (and manage to get it off this huge pair of tits), it stops directly on the shape of her hips. She has a super thin waist of just 52cm – 20.5 inches.

WM Dolls 150cm 4ft9 M Cup with #56 head

This is really one of the sexiest features of this model. And the effect is even more striking, since she has an insane hip width: 114cm – 44.8 inches. A great big fat ass.

From the front, you can see her big, well rounded thighs, and from the back, you have the pleasure (and I can already feel your eye wriggling) of these super curved buttocks.

It is clearly in fashion….

Soft Photo Session

For the photo session, this sexdoll remained very sober. But anyway, she has trouble hiding under her T-shirt and panties, her two huge attributes.

A pair of black socks to complete the outfit, and it is ready to seduce you.
I recommend that you watch the series to the end….

WM Dolls 150m 4ft9 M cup with Huge Butt Measurements

  • Height:150cm – 4ft9
  • Cup Size: M cup
  • Head:#198 head
  • Bust: 95cm – 37.4in
  • Waist: 52cm – 20.5in
  • Hips: 114cm – 44.8in
  • Weight: 42.5kg – 93.7lbs
WM Dolls 4ft11 150cm M Cup with #56 head –

WM Dolls 150cm (4ft11′) M-cup Ghetto Booty Sexy Doll – Shenika 2,099 USD

4 thoughts on “Cannonball Boobs”

  1. Love the pictures of the hole placements! Overall good looking doll one for the future as soon as I save more cash!

  2. She’s hot, but I’m not total fond of fat thighs though…I prefer this thighs ????
    But nevertheless I love the fact she’s wearing socks, although I would have prefered red ones(to me red is the sexyest colour on a girl) ????

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