Bianca an Amor Head

Bianca is a 6Ye 161cm 5ft3 C cup with the special Amor Doll Head.

Bianca is a young Italian woman. She seems to have come from a movie from the 1930s.

This beautiful actress with her sublime blue eyes and long blond hair that she puts on her side, could play with Al Capone as a devoted mistress who does not survive at the end of the film.

We see her singing in a cabaret with a big black and red dress and seducing the hero of the film. She kissed him languidly before being shot for treason.

But today, she is very much alive and she knows how to use her talent to seduce you….


Medium Breasts Sex Doll 6Ye Premium 161cm 5ft3 C-cup Blonde Amor Head Bianca-Bridgette – $1,890 on Sexysexdoll.Com

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