Back To The Sexy Fifties (Update with vid)

Do you know this SM DOll 150cm/4ft9 L Cup, here with the  head 56?

For me, it was a discovery… and rather nice when you see the super big boobs of the lady!
I find her very stylish and typical 50’s style with her swimsuit, her very red lipstick, her blonde wig and her white fishnet stockings. This lightweight doll also has, and above all, a tolupe size!



Her specifications are:

  • Height: 150cm – 4ft9
  • Bust: 99cm – 39in
  • Waist: 46cm – 18.1in
  • Hips: 50cm – 19.7in
  • Weight: 28kg – 61.7lbs


SM Doll 150cm (4ft11′) L-Cup Sex Doll – Safron


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