An affectionate little pussycat

Sinodol has the gift to offer us such beautiful sexdolls with an incredible manufacturing quality. Then obviously their sexdolls are a little more expensive than the others, but you have one of the best sexdolls of the East.

Premium Silicone

It’s really well designed, well made and nicely presented. You can’t tell. This sexdoll is really beautiful. You almost don’t want to touch it, you just want to look at it, to be moved and why not fall in love with it. You may think I’m crazy, but I know some of you understand me.

There are sexdolls of all kinds. Some of them give you strong sexual impulses, others just make you feel like poetry. And that’s really the case with this SINO Doll sexdoll. It’s a nice dose of sweetness in this world of brutality and violence.

This SINO Doll 5ft3 162cm is made of Premium Silicone. This one allows to have very precise details and a very fine texture. Every part of her body is so realistic that you will always feel like she is there, looking at you, listening to you. It will be for you a real presence.

Just real.

The body measurements are also very realistic: 81cm – 31.89 inches / 51cm – 20.08 inches / 91cm – 35.83 inches.

It is also worth noting the rather light weight of this body, which seems to be a real success for this type of sexdoll.

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm S30B tits
SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm S30B

She has medium sized breasts, slightly round hips and beautiful thighs. The details are really impressive on every part of her body. The breasts are round without being swollen, with a slightly flared shape. The nipples are very well placed. The sex and the anus are just amazing.

Her Asian type face is the S30. This head is rather rectangular with thin features. Her nose and mouth are rather small. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyes are perfectly realistic.

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm S30B Head
SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm S30B

A beautiful little pussy

Because she could only present herself to you in an artistic form that would lead you to erotic dreams, rather than pornographic fantasies, she adorned herself in immaculate white attire. She is very modern, and wears a bluetooth headset with small pussy ears, pretty white hair, a white bodysuit, stockings of the same colour and small pumps: nothing too sexual and everything very sexy.

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm body
SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm S30B

She uncovers herself in front of you and will end up gently caressing your body with her soft and silky hands…

It’s up to you to dream now or make your dream come true…

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm S30B

  • Material: Silicone
  • Height: 162cm – 5ft3
  • Busts: 81cm – 31.89 in
  • Under Breasts: 61cm – 24.02 in
  • Waist: 51cm – 20.08 in
  • Hips: 91cm – 35.83 in
  • Weight: 34kgs – 74.96lbs

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