3 Photos Sessions with the NEW YL Doll Sex Doll

Abbey’s a brand-new sexdoll, made by YL Doll. It is not very big and measures 4ft6 or 141cm. She doesn’t have big breasts with 68cm or 26.8 inches of breast size. She has a cute little super sexy ass, and weighs only 25.5kg or 56.22lbs.

That’s it?… Well, no!

Abbey, a pocket sexdoll?

Abbey’s gorgeous. Abbey has face #369. That face is triangular in shape. She has large almond-shaped eyes with very fine eyebrows, and a fairly wide forehead. She has a fairly long nose ending in a very thin mouth and a pointed chin. This face might look curious, but it is Asian, and very sexy.

YL Doll 4ft6 141cm
YL Doll 4ft6 141cm

And it goes well with many hair types, as you will see in this article, although I think she will be at her best with long hair of an unlikely color like red, gray or purple. You will be able to have fun!

Abbey a very affosdable sexdoll

Abbey is a little sexdoll, so she has a lot of advantages ! You will be able to put her away easily, take her out easily and move her around as you like. Your intimate relations with this sexdoll are simplified and you will have more pleasure.

YL Doll 4ft6 141cm
YL Doll 4ft6 141cm

In addition to the weight, this sexdoll has a very low price, and for a product of great quality. It thus constitutes an excellent choice for those and those which want to begin or to continue its collection.

3 photo sessions

I could have offered you 3 posts with a session each time. I figured you couldn’t enjoy it any more with the 3 sessions in the same place!… This allows you to get a real idea of this sexdoll and to see it in 3 quite different atmospheres. The only common point of these 3 photo shoots… She is super sexy !

YL Doll 4ft6 141cm
YL Doll 4ft6 141cm

I can’t wait to offer you a new video of the beautiful one and for you to have even more the impression to see her in real life.

YL Doll 4ft6 141cm Specs

  • Height:141cm – 4ft6
  • Upper Bust:68cm – 26.8in
  • Under Bust:46cm – 18.1in
  • Waist:40cm – 15.74in
  • Hip:78cm – 30.8in
  • Weight: 25.5kg – 56.22lbs

#1 session

#2 session

#3 session

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