2 Facets Of Super Sexy Nikki

I have already shown you the new Fit Series from Doll For Ever with the 155cm model. As a reminder, this series includes 3 models with the 135cm and 145cm.
Today, you will meet Nikki… and you will not regret it.

Nikki is a Doll4Ever New 155cm Fit Series. She’s a beautiful, gorgeous young woman with a damned body. She offers us not one session, but 2 photo galleries that you will love.

The first one is ultra sexy with a small golden shorts, white wool stockings and a small pink top…… the second is rather in business woman fashion very liberated…

Pinup Nikki



Doll4Ever 155cm (5ft1″) New Fit Series Sex Doll 2019 – Misa with EVO Skeleton – $ 2,099.00



Classy Nikki

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