1st-pc’s New Platinum Silicone


Great news from one of the oldest doll’s companies in the USA. The quality of 1st PC dolls has sometimes been challenged. But now, they announced a new direction with the use of New platinum Silicone.

And the price should not fly!….


I am happy to let you know that we are using a new silicone blend!

We are now using Platinum based silicone!!!
This silicone is
1. Much more durable
2. Will not soften in time ( keeps it’s softness forever!!!)
3. Softer – Stronger
4. The Platinum gel will not sag in time, thus we do not sell the gel kits anymore!
5. Platinum silicone will not sweat and it does not have a smell.

We did all this without increasing our price! Even though platinum silicone cost more than the previous silicone blend we used.



1st PC website: http://www.1st-pc.com/


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